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Katonga Wildlife Reserve is a wildlife reserve in western Uganda, along the banks of River Katonga. The Reserve was established in 1998. It measures approximately 211 square kilometres (81 sq mi). Many of the species of plants and animals in the reserve are unique to the reserve’s wetland environment.

The wildlife reserve is named after Katonga River, which flows from Lake Victoria in the east to Lake George in the west.

Katonga Wildlife Reserve is located in the districts of Ibanda and Kamwenge in western Uganda, along the banks of the Katonga River. In Kamwenge, it borders with Biguli Sub County and part of Mpara Sub County in Kyenjojo district. The location is approximately 200 kilometres (120 mi), by road, west of Kampala, Uganda’s capital city. The coordinates of the wildlife reserve are: 00 02N, 30 25E.

The vegetation of the Katonga Reserve is mixed Savannah with acacia scrubland or woodlands. A large portion of the reserve is either permanent or seasonal wetlands. There are also pockets of riverine and tropical forest.

There are over forty animal species and over one hundred and fifty bird species found within the reserve. The wildlife species within the reserve include: Sitatungas, Reedbuck, Waterbuck, Warthog,     Bushbuck, Columbus monkey, Elephant, River otter.

The reserve is best explored on foot or by river canoe. The Uganda Wildlife Authority maintains a camping site with guides and a restaurant, within the reserve.